As a result of the daredevil bandits’ devastation, the inhabitants of Bwari, Ushafa, and other communities in the Bwari Area Council, Abuja are understandably on edge.

The killers have reportedly been on the loose for the past several days, abducting and murdering people in various council towns.

On Wednesday of last week, assailants stormed Zuma 1 in the Bwari central ward of the council, abducting seven victims.

During a gun war between bandits and Nigerian police officials, a guy named Alhaji was allegedly shot and killed.

During the encounter, at least two officers also suffered critical injuries. Reports indicate that the terrorists managed to overcome the security personnel and abducted multiple locals, who are currently missing.

The bloodthirsty bandits had previously attacked Barangoni, which is still in the Bwari central ward, abducted multiple people, and injured a vigilante member in a way that may have been fatal before Wednesday’s tragedy.

According to information acquired by MISMOB on Saturday, the settlements of Garam, Kuduru, and Azu in the council were attacked a few days prior to Christmas by gunmen who shot randomly in an attempt to frighten the locals.

Even though there was a police post in the neighborhood, the gunmen managed to abduct at least five people without any resistance from the security agents.

The results also showed that due to the constant kidnappings and murders, some locals have begun to leave their homes, particularly in the border towns of Bwari and Ushafa.

Armored men abducted many people from neighborhoods close to Veritas University, a private institution in the Bwari district of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

According to MISMOB, a number of attacks in the vicinity led to the university’s closure on July 8, 2022.

After an ambush in Bwari, Nigeria, killed eight soldiers and wounded three more, the school’s administration announced the closure. The attack had begun with a distress call from the nearby Nigerian Law School.

According to information acquired by DAILY POST on Saturday, the bandits upped their attacks last week, leading to the temporary closure of the General Hospital in Bwari.

According to an anonymous source who spoke to our reporter, numerous hospital employees, including doctors, are afraid for their safety and are staying home.

The facility has been experiencing some operational issues since Wednesday. There have been multiple attacks within Bwari here by bandits.

One thing about bandits is that they research their victims thoroughly before attacking. They find out where their victims work and their financial condition.

The hospital was not operational on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday due to the medical doctors’ fear of being targeted.

“When we went there, we found out that things were happening, even though we had heard it was closed,” he explained.

The Clinton Village, which is part of Ushafa village and is under the jurisdiction of the Bwari Area Council, has also been the target of numerous horrific terrorist strikes in recent times.

On Wednesday, as yet unknown number of residents were abducted after gunmen allegedly opened fire behind the Jordan FM.

On Saturday night, shocking rumors spread that locals on their way back from the farm had seen bandits hiding up near the rocks behind LEA Primary School.

Clinton Village residents are understandably worried about the unverified information that has not been verified by the FCT Police Command.

Mr. Laurence Ekoja, a vigilante group member in the hamlet, informed DAILY POST that farmers had seen the criminals before Wednesday’s assault on Zuma 1 in Bwari.

He claims that farmers observed the assailants huddled behind a rock similar to that on the day they attacked Zuma. The bandits launched their assault shortly thereafter.

There could be another attack in Ushafa soon unless we do something to drive these guys out. We should increase the number of security personnel and military.

The normal route they take is through the mountains, particularly in the area surrounding that elementary school; yet, no one knows their exact origin.

In that region, they have abducted and murdered multiple people. Ushafa is where we require assistance. He pleaded with the police and military to help them.

Our correspondent was called by SP Josephine Adeh, the FCT Police Public Relations Officer, who warned the public to refrain from sharing false information.

The PPRO disclosed that “the Commissioner of Police, on the 3rd of January, 2024, diligently visited all communities in the region” in reference to the council’s overall security concerns.

“He spoke with local authorities, checked in on security, and took preventative action, including sending reinforcements and an armored police vehicle, during these visits. Some have voiced their concerns on what they view as a lack of action, despite these efforts.

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