Party leaders from the All Progressives People Congress (APC) have been detained by security forces in the Kogi county seat of Dekina LGA, and the APC has demanded their release.

Mr. Kingsley Fanwo, the campaign spokesperson for the party’s governorship candidate, voiced concerns over recent security operations in some sections of Kogi East during a news briefing on Thursday in Ilorin.

He saw party leaders being detained without probable cause in Dekina LGA.

Fanwo, who stated his party supports peaceful and free elections, also urged the state’s law enforcement to act responsibly.

He detailed the APC’s campaigning strategies and the difficulties that have arisen in preparation for the governor’s race on November 11.

The APC Governorship Campaign Council has voiced concern over recent security operations in sections of Kogi East, during which prominent members of the APC were detained for reasons that remain unclear.

The treatment our chieftains received was unjustified, as they had done nothing to threaten the peace of the state.

To ensure that “innocent citizens are not unnecessarily punished for the sins of others,” he stated, “we also call for responsible conduct on the part of law enforcement agencies.”

He claims that the party does neither support or approve of lawlessness.

But we boldly assert that those of our leaders and members who were arrested and jailed are innocent and hence did not deserve to be treated in this way.

“We call on security agencies to release them unconditionally so they can be reunited with their families,” he continued.

A spokeswoman for the campaign said that security authorities must demonstrate that every life matters.

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