study-in-chinaHow to Apply for a China Student Visa and Study with a Scholarship

How to Apply for a China Student Visa: The Chinese student visa, often known as the X visa, is granted to foreigners who come to China to study, conduct academic research, or work and study. Student visas for study in China, like any other destination, are typically exceedingly tough to get.

To obtain a China Student Visa, the applicant must have been offered admission to study at a recognized institution in any of China’s provinces.

We believe you may require the information on this website as the world gradually returns to routine and China reopens its borders to international students.

There are two kinds of China student visas.

Student visas are typically granted to applicants based on a variety of considerations, which will be described further in the following section. There are two sorts of visas:

X1 visa: This type of visa is typically awarded for long-term studies lasting more than 180 days. It is a first-class student visa for degree, diploma, and other long-term research students. The X1 visa’s default validity period is commonly set at 000, with real validity established once the applicant has entered. China

X2 visa: This visa is provided for short-term study programs of fewer than 180 days. It is often granted solely for the purposes of the study program. The X2 visa is valid for 90 days.

days from the date of issue, with a maximum stay period of 180 days.
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How to Apply for a Student (X) Visa in China:

If you are an international student interested in studying in China, the first step is to discover an organization that is accredited to offer courses or internships to foreigners and request a JW201 or JW202 form as well as an acceptance letter. After obtaining the form, you must fill it out and follow any alternatives given (below) to apply.

Option 1: You can hand-deliver the application to the consulate office of the Chinese embassy in your country, China Visa Application Centers (CVASC) nearest to you.
Option 2: Because no Power of Attorney is necessary, you can entrust someone else (e.g., friends, relatives), a travel agency, or a visa agency to act on your behalf if you are unable to come in person.

Option 3: Mail your application to Chinese embassies or consulates, as well as CVASCs. Unfortunately, most embassies and consulates will not accept mail-in applications.
Option 4: Another alternative is to make an appointment. Most embassies and consulates may not require this as well.

However, if you are required to submit an application to CVASC, you may need to schedule an online appointment through CVASC’s website and/or download the application form to get started.

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Additional Information on the X1 Visa
When entering China, X1 visa holders must apply for a Temporary Stay Permit from the local Exit and Entry Administration within 30 days. The temporary living arrangement award has a validity period of up to 5 years. International ID, confirmation notice, JW201 or JW202 structure, Foreigner Physical Examination Record, enlistment of settlement, and a visa style white-foundation photograph are all essential archives.

Students can freely enter and exit China under the authority of the Temporary Resident Permit.

When the examination in China is finished, X1 visa holders should go to the nearest Exit and Entry Administration to surrender the Temporary Residence Permit and apply for a 30-day travel permit.

To keep a strategic distance from difficulties, obtain a visa with zero passage.

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Additional Information about the X2 Visa: X2 visa holders will remain in China for the duration specified on the visa, and it is not necessary for them to apply for the temporary residence permit. If they need to renew their X2 visa, they may need to go to the nearest Exit and Entry Administration to deal with this matter 30 days before the expiration date.

Documents needed for a China Student Visa (X):
While applying for a China Student Visa (X), you will be needed to present the following documents:

Passport-size photos, no more than six months old, with at least one

The page is blank.
Form of Visa Application Completed
Only recent full-size photos with a full face, front perspective, no hat, and against a plain light background will be allowed.

Admission Notice/Offer of Admission Letter from any Chinese University/Institutions.
Form JW201 or JW202 – necessary exclusively for X1 applications

Application Processing Time: The average X visa processing time is four business days. Nonetheless, you may want to select the express service or rush service to expedite the process. Processing time is 2-3 working days for Expedited Service.
Rush Service: Processing in 1 working day

There will be additional costs. The cost charged will vary depending on the service and location.

Further Information: X type visa holders are not permitted to Full-time job is required, but part-time work and internships off campus may be permitted. After you have arrived in China, you should contact your university or employer to see what arrangements may be made.

Students can now apply for the five-year X1 visa depending on the length of their degree; their passports must have at least one year of validity remaining if applying for the five-year X1 visa.

2. You should get the JW201 or JW202 form from the school where you want to study or from your study sponsor. JW201 forms are issued to international students who are dispatched by the government or are supported by Chinese government scholarships, whereas JW202 forms are issued to self-sponsored foreign students.

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