The helicopter disaster that killed Herbert Wigwe, group chief executive officer of Access Holdings, and his family in California last Friday may have been prevented, according to Robert Clifford, an aviation lawyer from the United States.

In a press release that went live on Wednesday on the business website, Clifford made this announcement.

Tragically, the disaster claimed the lives of Wigwe, his wife Doreen, their son Chizi, and Abimola Ogunbanjo, a former Group Chairman of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

A border town on the California–Nevada border was the site of the accident of the Airbus Helicopter EC130B4.

While the US National Transportation Safety Board investigates the helicopter crash, Clifford—the founder and senior partner of Clifford Law Offices in Chicago—has spoken.

“The crash of a helicopter that killed six people along the California-Nevada border Saturday night immediately strikes one as a tragedy that may have been avoided given the known weather conditions at that time,” the statement said in part. “The victims included a top Nigerian banker and his family.”

The US National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the crash, and he hopes that they will find out whether it was preventable.

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