The Niger Republic and other neighboring nations are allegedly importing herders into Benue State with the intent of destabilizing Governor Hyacinth Alia’s administration, according to Alia.

The governor made the accusation that some indigenous people were involved in luring herders into the state while speaking on Sunday at the Chapel of Grace, Government House, Makurdi.

In a statement released to journalists on Sunday evening by Donald Kumun, the Principal Special Assistant on Print Media, Alia urged the people to keep calm and assured them that the security agencies are determined to keep them secure.

It was disclosed by the governor that the ranchers had been invited to the state through letters.

A threat to the stability of the state’s security will not be tolerated, he declared, under his administration.

Sharing the actions of some of my fellow Benue citizens makes me very sad. What they are sowing, plotting, and carrying out is detrimental to the state.

Some natives of Benue have reportedly actively sought out herders from the Niger Republic and invited them to march into Benue State, according to the security report.

Unacceptable as it is, the security officers are carrying out their duties in an effort to bring down his administration.

People who would be discovered guilty of this will face consequences, as security apparatuses are carrying out their duties. We are praying for a different Benue. “Governance has begun; the electioneering period has ended,” the statement stated in part.

According to Alia, the herders who had entered the state will eventually go back.

“Please, if you cannot join hands with this administration to improve the state, to bring development to the state, where everyone has a sense of belonging, should please leave the state,” he said, urging whoever was unwilling to work with his administration to advance the state’s development to depart from Benue.

My administration is not prepared to welcome any kind of crisis in the state, so I urge all citizens to keep calm. Benue State is not responsible for the crisis.

Disappointment awaits the troublemakers who penned the letter inviting herdsmen to Benue State. Here on the new Benue platform, we can build better infrastructure and better people.

Benue State’s development is a top priority for Governor Alia, who has often urged the public to back his administration’s initiatives in this area.

He gave the people his word that whomever did wrong would face the consequences.

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