Over 40,000 police officers will be stationed across Kogi State on election day, November 11, according to the Kogi State Police Command.

In a phone interview with NAN on Monday in Lokoja, the state’s top cop, CP Bethrand Onuoha, made the remarks.

Onuoha noted that the idea to send a big number of soldiers was guided by past experiences in the state.

Even though recent events have shown us that the entire Kogi is a potential flashpoint, we have identified specific locations where we need to be very vigilant.

You can know the state needs additional security measures just by looking at the amount of security people we are deploying for this election.

We urge everyone in Kogi to cast a ballot in the next governorship election on November 11th, since there will be sufficient security people on hand.

“We are going to swam the state with enough security personnel, and by the special grace of God, with our actions and sanctions, we are going to confound our detractors,” he stated.

Onuoha continued, “God is telling me that this election is going to be better than all the elections that have ever been held here in Kogi.

Because we are here to serve the public and not any one person in particular, we have instructed our staff to treat everyone with equality and fairness.

The CP urged politicians to play by the rules, arguing that while elections come and go, the people do not.

We hope that they will be able to embrace politics without animosity. Whatever political party his sibling is affiliated with, he is still your brother. (NAN)

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