Abia State’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has issued a statement in response to the appellate court’s decision to confirm Alex Otti’s election as the state’s governor.

In the midst of what he called the “eclipse of transitional sunset,” PDP guber candidate Okey Ahiwe advised his followers to keep calm.

Abraham Amah, the PDP’s Vice Chairman and acting Publicity Secretary in Abia, released a statement on behalf of the party, stating that the party was meeting with its candidate and his running mate to discuss the ruling and determine their future steps.

The PDP has asked its party members and supporters to be calm following the loss, while underlining their faith in the judiciary as a last resort for the average citizen and a cornerstone of our democratic system.

“We implore all individuals associated with the PDP, including our many supporters and sympathisers, as well as the residents of Abia State, to maintain their composure, adhere to the law, and have faith in God and the justice system while we consider our options,” it stated.

The PDP has promised that it will never leave the state’s people, claiming that they have been harmed by Alex Otti’s government.

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