Ifechukwu Tom Makwe, a fictitious senator, was detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on suspicion of committing an online fraud scheme totaling €5.7 million (five million seven hundred thousand euros).

Wilson Uwajeren, the Commission’s spokesperson, confirmed the arrest in a statement on Monday and stated that Makwe was detained in Abuja’s Guzape neighborhood as a result of reliable information concerning his online fraud activities.

The defendant, who went by various names (including Fahad Makwe, Senator Tompolo, Tom Makwe, and Dr. Bran), was found to have conned a Spaniard of €5.7 million, the official claimed.

He further disclosed that the suspect reportedly used false identities to swindle his victim, including that of a US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent and a diplomatic solicitor.

“In 2013, when he initially connected with the victim over social media, the defendant reportedly began scamming her.

The statement continued, “He will be charged to court as soon as the investigations are finished.

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