To address the food shortage and alleviate the hardship that residents of Yobe State are going through, the state administration has established a 24-man committee on food security.

Stopping the export of grains to other nations and solving the problem of critical commodities stockpiling within the state are also responsibilities that fall on the Committee.

The nation is already dealing with the fallout from the removal of oil subsidies, inflation, unfavourable foreign exchange, and other economic issues, but some dishonest people are taking advantage of the situation by buying staple foods in bulk and hoarding them, according to Governor Mai Mala Buni, who inaugurated the committee.

Such avarice, he said, violates both state and global norms and values and is cruel.

The following are the responsibilities of the Committee:

Put an end to the export of grains out of the nation and deal with the issue of grain hoarding in the state by coordinating with security forces.

Providing the general population with subsidized grain sales.

Make sure that comparable committees are set up at the local levels so that the issue of food insecurity in the state may be addressed.

In order to solve the issue of food insecurity in the state, he advised and suggested several methods to the government.

Buni pleaded with the public to help the powerful committee tackle the threat of food insecurity in the state by giving crucial information, acknowledging that the committee’s duties are certainly enormous.

“I implore the committee members to move swiftly, for any delay could jeopardize the public interest,” he issued a directive.

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