In response to the food shortage and other problems that Nigerians are experiencing, the president of the senate, Godswill Akpabio, has announced that an additional N30 billion has been allotted to each of the state governors.

Each state should use the funds appropriately to ensure food supply, according to Akpabio.

“I must say that unverified report has it that each of the state governments in the last few months received additional N30 billion from the Federal Inland Revenue Service, outside their normal allocation from the federation account, to assist them in ameliorating the food situation,” Akapbio said while speaking on the senate floor.

“Our firm belief is that the monies thus received should be directed by each state government toward the provision of food.”

The nationwide increase in food prices is a direct result of the present economic downturn.

Some people’s stockpiling and illegal smuggling to neighboring nations were also factors in the food crisis.

Keep in mind that Vice President Kashim Shettima had previously revealed how intelligence agents had uncovered 32 illicit pathways that Nigerians were using to transport food and other goods to neighboring nations.

Security agents stopped 45 vehicles that were transporting grain to neighboring nations, according to Shettima.

The price of “maize” dropped by N10,000, he said. Upon intercepting the trucks, the price of corn supposedly dropped from N60,000 to N50,000″.

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