The Ebonyi State Ministry of Health reported that fourteen individuals in the state had succumbed to Lassa fever.

The data was provided by Dr. Hyacinth Ebenyi, the Ministry’s Director of Public Health, during an interview with newsmen in Abakaliki on Wednesday.

According to Ebenyi, there were 29 confirmed instances of the sickness as of February 20. These 14 cases were among them.

The fact that the state just documented at least 110 suspected instances of the disease is concerning, he said.

“Yes, lassa fever cases have been on the rise. This is a truly endemic disease in this state.

It wasn’t suddenly there; in fact, it has been present throughout the dry season on most occasions.

“We have recorded 29 verified cases out of 110 suspected cases so far.

As of Tuesday, fourteen individuals had been lost out of thirty-nine, according to the director.

Still, he reassured the public not to freak out, saying that the state administration was working to stop the spread of the disease and warning people not to consume rats or come into touch with their fluids.

This sickness, Lassa fever, kills people. Rats should no longer be consumed. The director admonished the audience to keep it away from their food.

He said that a high temperature, generalized weakness, and headaches were some of the signs of the illness.

These symptoms develop rapidly, and if no action is taken, the patient will bleed from all over until it reaches vital organs, and then they will die.

He advised that anyone in need should seek medical attention at the nearest hospital without delay.

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