Kenechukwu Onwuemelie, the commissioner of police in Abia state, has urged NANS members to constantly notify the command’s Complaint Response Unit of any officer’s misbehavior.

While receiving a polite call from the Association’s executive members on Tuesday, the Commissioner affixed the charge.

The student body is encouraged to address internal difficulties peacefully and imaginatively, without resorting to violence, as he underscores the Command’s commitment to responsibility and transparency.

CP Onwuemelie further cautioned the NANS members against breaking the law and emphasized the importance of always acting in accordance with the letter of the law.

He emphasized that the students of Abia State and the Nigerian Police must work together to make the state’s communities safer.

Prince Jacob Nwaoma and the NANS members had earlier thanked the Abia State Police Command for their dogged pursuit of solutions to previous problems.

In addition to thanking the CP for his welcoming attitude, the students took use of the chance to apprise him of their current difficulties and concerns during the visit.

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