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Are you interested in studying in the Netherlands in 2023? Without IELTS, you can study for free in the Netherlands with these fully sponsored scholarships. The government of the Netherlands (Holland), among other prestigious organizations and institutions, provides various scholarships to qualified international students studying in the Netherlands.

In today’s world, getting into the university of your dreams is a huge accomplishment, especially given the competitors and numerous other challenges that constantly make you want to give up, even for those who are currently in school.

Obtaining a scholarship should now be considered a much greater accomplishment, a wonderful stage in your future, and an outstanding context in your resumé, as it will increase your possibilities.

probability being offered a job in the future.

Why are you studying in the Netherlands?
Scholarships for Studying in the Netherlands without IELTS

Many individuals may wonder if The Netherlands (often known colloquially as Holland) is a good destination to study, and the answer is yes. But why?

So here are some of the reasons why students from all over the world pick the Netherlands:

1#: Low cost of study: One of the main reasons to study in the Netherlands is the low cost of study when compared to other English-speaking nations such as the United States or the United Kingdom. Higher education is funded by the government, and tuition is relatively low. Also, many universities in the Netherlands provide grants. and scholarships that will reduce or cover the tuition fees for your educational programs.

2#: The learning pattern: They have a high-quality education system, and their universities are noted for their advanced, high-level courses and facilities. Universities encourage the positive interactions between teachers and students.

There could be a slew of other causes in addition to the ones listed above…

Nonetheless, that is just my opinion.

To be honest, only a few scholarship programs disregard language requirements or deliberately do not ask for IELTS scores when it comes to studying in the Netherlands with scholarships without IELTS. Yet, there is always a method to meet those standards, as you will see in this essay.

List of Dutch Scholarships that do not need IELTS
Several examples are provided below.

without IELTS, top scholarships in the Netherlands

Government Scholarship in the Netherlands (Holland)
Scholarships at Maastricht University
Netherlands Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students Radboud University Scholarship TU Delft Excellence Scholarship

1. Government of the Netherlands (Holland) Scholarship
The Orange Knowledge Program scholarship is offered by the Government Netherlands Scholarship or Holland Government Scholarship. The scholarship program is a fully-funded scholarship program that allows international students to study full-time at leading universities in the Netherlands. There are financial options for both undergraduate and graduate students. Additional information and an application can be found by clicking here.

Scholarships at Maastricht University
Every academic year, the Maastricht University Scholarships program invites applications from excellent international students all across the world. The scholarship, worth approximately €29,000, is fully supported for applicants from outside the European Union.

Admission to Maastricht University for a Master’s degree was obtained. The Scholarship program includes both the Maastricht University Scholarship Fund’s High Potential Scholarship and the Holland Scholarship, which is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science in collaboration with Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences. Additional information and an application can be found by clicking here.

3. Radboud University Bursary
The Radboud University Scholarship is available to anyone interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in the Netherlands. The scholarship program is extremely selective, since it is only given to highly talented and great individuals who have superb academic portfolios. The Radboud Scholarship, which is not fully financed, will reduce your tuition charge from €16,000 to €14,000 per year.

€ 2,209. The scholarship also covers visa costs, a residence permit, and health and liability insurance during your time in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, the applicant is fully responsible for the costs of living and studying. Additional information and an application can be found by clicking here.

4. Netherlands TU Delft Excellent Scholarship
Excellence at the TU Delft Mr. van Effen founded the scholarship in the 1940s while studying at TU Delft and believing that technological advancements will bring about social change. There are numerous scholarships available to exceptional overseas students at the TU Delft University of Technology.

Perfection in Justus and Louise Van Efren Scholarships, funded by the legacies of Justus and Louise van Efren, were established with the sole purpose of reviving excellent foreign students.

Master’s students and financially aiding them in their ambition to study at TU Delft University. Additional information and an application can be found by clicking here.

5. International students can apply for Utrecht Excellence Scholarships.
The Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students will be given to those who wish to pursue Postgraduate studies at the institution.

The scholarship covers full tuition fees as well as the student’s annual living expenses of around 11,000 euros. It is granted for the duration of the degree program, which can be one or two years depending on the field of study. The scholarship can be renewed for a second year only provided the student maintains satisfactory academic performance and progress toward the degree. Additional information and an application can be found by clicking here.

The preceding list

Scholarships in the Netherlands should enable you study in the Netherlands even if you do not have language exam results (including IELTS). Stop dragging your feet and apply for any of these scholarship opportunities!

How to Apply for Scholarships in the Netherlands Without IELTS
Several scholarships will require you to show proof of English language skills when applying for them. It is crucial to note that this criterion can be waived, particularly for students who have previously attended an all-English-taught course (of up to three years). Even better, the student comes from an English-speaking country.



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