Osun State CDHR Chairman Emmanuel Olowu has accused Adewale Egbedun’s aides of using the Osun State House of Assembly as a personal property. Egbedun is the Speaker of the Osun State House of Assembly.

Olowu said in a petition sent to state-based media outlets that his aides refused to accept an official letter from the Speaker Egbedun’s office.

He went on to say that as he was doing so, an aide to the Speaker attacked him.

“It is worth mentioning that an aide of the Speaker made it clear, even in the presence of the Nigerian policemen assigned to the Speaker’s office, that he would have attacked our colleague if he didn’t know him personally. This gives us the impression that the Speaker and his aides have, in their imagination, turned the Assembly into their private property,” he said.

In addition to undermining the norms of transparent governance and the accessibility of elected representatives by the public, Olowu argued that the rejection of the letters would have major ramifications for Nigeria’s democracy.

People have a right to know about activities that undermine their society’s democratic fabric, so we are urging media houses to research and report on this topic. “As an organization, we are calling the attention of the media to this ugly situation,” he continued.

In a statement in response to the petition, Olamide Tiamiyu, chief press secretary to the speaker of the Osun assembly, stated that the whole accusation was filled with falsehoods intended to deceive the people.

According to Tiamiyu, the statement also disclosed a dark plot involving Speaker Egbedun and his staff.

The civil servants that assist the Honorable Speaker in his office are the same officials who assisted the previous Speaker; as a general practice, they are tasked with receiving communication from guests.

Emmanuel Olowu’s

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