The adolescent apprentice, Prince Okemgbo, was charged at Lagos’s Ikeja Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday for allegedly stealing N958,000 from his master.

The police accused 15-year-old Okemgbo of stealing from Igando, Lagos.

Crime was perpetrated on November 21 at Cele Close, Odo Osan, Egan Igando, Lagos, according to Prosecutor DSP Kehinde Ajayi.

According to her, the complainant, the defendant, who was an apprentice under Mr. Hycent Uche, had run away from the scene of the crime with the cash.

“The following day, he was meant to accompany his master to the bank with the sum of N958,000, which he stole after breaking into the shop’s safe.

He disappeared into the hamlet, completely unnoticed by anyone, according to Ajayi.

For her, the crime was a breach of Lagos State’s 2015 Criminal Code, specifically Section 287.

The accused entered a not guilty plea in response to the charge.

A servant who steals from their master faces seven years in prison, according to the News Agency of Nigeria, citing Section 287 (7) of the Criminal Code.

Two sureties each in the sum of N100,000 were granted bail by Magistrate Mrs. E. Kubeinje to the defendant.

If you ask Kubeinje, one of the sureties has to be a blood relative.

To give the matter more time to be considered, she postponed the verdict until December 19.

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