Hyacinth Alia, governor of Benue State, has issued an order to halt the delegates’ congress leading up to the bye-election for the Guma State Constituency.

State Governor Alia issued the directive on Saturday during a news conference held in the Old Banquet Hall of Makurdi’s Government House.

Unidentified individuals allegedly showed up to the site to disrupt the exercise, according to him.

Governor Alia has decided to suspend the congress because he fears the area’s young people have grown violent and may cause a collapse of law and order.

According to him, the state’s violent Guma LGA is finally calming down, and the suspension of the congress was necessary to prevent a spiral into chaos.

It is now critical to suspend the congress, which has generated so much tension in the state, according to Gov. Alia, who said it is his authority to keep the peace.

For the sake of public safety, he issued an order to the state’s security forces to uphold the rule of law.

Gov. Ália has given his word that the party’s national leadership will make every effort to keep the peace inside the party.

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