Athan Achonu, the LP candidate in the recently ended governorship election in Imo State, has demanded that the results of the election be nullified.

The LP nominee said that security personnel had worked in concert with the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, to influence the election results.

Achonu added that he would take legal action if he was wronged.

The Libertarian Party’s gubernatorial candidate claimed that voters and supporters of his party were harassed and intimidated on election day, and that INEC’s official tally does not accurately reflect the situation at the polls.

This was something that Achonu told reporters on Sunday while he was at his country house.

He added that, contrary to INEC’s pre-election assurances, voting went place in many locations that were not accredited by the Basic Voter Acknowledgement System (BVAS).

In his opinion, “recorded evidences abound,” including the case of a police officer who was assaulted by voters after he attempted to steal a ballot box.

A terrible day for democracy, good government, equality of opportunity, and freedom of choice, he said.

The security services of this country committed an act against our democracy yesterday. I was so shocked that I didn’t fully awake until this morning.

It wasn’t INEC; it was more like a coup by the police and the military, so the DSS, too.

As the petition reads, “Let’s save the drift into anarchy, let’s save our country and her democracy, there was no election yesterday and we call on the INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu to cancel the purported results.”

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