According to Dr. Agbu Kefas, governor of Taraba State, secondary school teachers in the state are required to have a master’s degree.

During a meal with media in Jalingo on January 7, the governor revealed his administration’s ambitions for the education sector.

He asserts that a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university will soon be required to teach elementary school students. He also notes that the time when the National Certificate of Education (NCE) was the minimal requirement would soon come to an end.

He mentioned that beginning in the state’s elementary schools, History will be taught again as a core topic.

“To establish a solid foundation for accelerated development, we are going to reintroduce history studies in our primary and secondary schools in the state,” added Kefas.

“In no distant time, primary school teachers in the state must be first degree holders while secondary school teachers must have a minimum of master’s degree to enhance the state’s education quality.

This is the primary rationale behind the reduction of tuition at the public institution for first-year students. A bright future for our offspring is our responsibility. No one will be able to stop us from implementing our free education policy; it is serious business.

To guarantee that all school administrators were acting ethically, the governor asked media to keep an eye on how the state’s free education policy was being used in elementary and secondary schools.

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