In the Abule Egba neighborhood of Lagos, a 30-year-old guy named David is in custody on suspicion of murdering a preacher named Akeem Ojiwusi. David is a suspected drug user.
The drug addict, who is known for getting into problems while high, allegedly stabbed the reverend to death while the two were in the pastor’s home.

Sefiu, a close family member, said the cleric had sent him out to obtain a medicine for him since he hadn’t been feeling well. According to Sefiu, the deceased was calling for help as he was walking to buy the medication.

He claimed, “He (Ojiwusi) sent me to buy some drugs for him, and when I was going towards the gate, I heard a scream from our compound, and when I ran back, I saw David stabbing my uncle.”

Adeleke Sulaimon, a friend of the deceased, stated that neighbors who saw the attack informed him that Ojiwusi was crying out for help as he was being brought to the hospital.

I was told that Ojiwusi was yelling in pain and accusing David of stabbing him as they rushed him to the hospital with David’s mother.

“He was screaming ‘I don’t want to die’ and ‘Allah, Allah. Ojiwusi’s phone is currently with David’s mom, and we’ve been attempting to get in touch with her as well because she too disappeared following the incident. Since Sunday, we have not been able to contact any part of their family,” he explained.

Kayode Abdulrasheed, a cousin of the deceased, spoke as well. He described David as his cousin’s neighbor and said he was at home when he got the tragic news.

“I was at home on Sunday night when I got a call that one of the kids who lived next door to my cousin in Abule Egba had stabbed him to death.

I inquired further and was told that David, the suspect in the stabbing, regularly smokes a substance called “Colorado,” which causes him to behave irrationally.

Before we arrived to the New Oko Oba Police Station on Monday, his mother had already reported the incident to them. She did so because she did not want the community to take matters into their own hands and punish David.

The matter has been turned over to the State Criminal Investigations Department from the Oko Oba Police Station.

My cousin and some neighbors heard his sister sobbing, and they intervened to save her from him; I later learned that he had attempted to rape her.

My cousin, according to David’s mother and other good Samaritans, was also transported to the hospital after the attack, but he bled to death en route.

Fatima, the victim’s wife, has demanded justice but claims she was not there when the suspect committed the murder.

After Ojiwusi passed away, a family member named Sefiu called to tell me what had happened. I’m a widow now.

Benjamin Hundeyin, a spokesman for the state police, confirmed the occurrence, saying,

Police have detained David, the alleged assailant in the stabbing death of Akeem Ojiwusi on Sunday; an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

We can’t say for sure whether or whether the suspect was high when he stabbed the victim, but we do know that he was apprehended by our men. The accused would eventually face justice.

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