Those who claim Bini founded Lagos have been criticized by Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation.

You may remember that during his weekend courtesy visit to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, Oba Ewuare II of Benin asserted that the Bini was the founder of the Centre of Excellence.

The Oba of Benin asserted that the Bini were the ones who supposedly created Lagos based on historical accounts.

It is written in the annals of history that the Binis established Lagos, as he put it. Some people will go absolutely bonkers when they hear it today; what on earth is the Oba trying to say? Yet the fact remains.

Some long-time Lagosians hold the belief that the Yoruba were the original founders of the state, and they are not happy with this assertion. On social media, this is still up for discussion.

“Those who assert that Lagos was founded by the Bini are engaging in historical revisionism and complete deceit,” Fani-Kayode stated on X.

It was the Yoruba that established Lagos, not the Bini.

Again, the people who say Lagos is a “no man’s land” are completely ignorant and intellectually handicapped.

That area around Lagos is not a “no-man’s land;” the people living there are Yoruba.

“The origin of Lagos, her people, and her history must end immediately before the younger generation is misled and the people of Lagos lose their real history and identity to aliens, non-indigenes, and revisionists who peddle historical abracadabra, nonsensical gobbledegook, and dishonest information.

It makes me happy to see that Abisoye Oshodi, the Balogun of Eko, has stepped up to the plate and tried to clarify things. Well done!

“I repeat: the Yoruba were the ones who founded Lagos, and she herself is Yoruba.” Truth is priceless, but opinions are cheap.

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