The Action Alliance (AA) has denied rumors that a judge in Abuja’s Federal High Court acknowledged Kenneth Udeze as the party’s national chairman, stating that Dr. Adekunle Rufai Omoaje is, in fact, the sole legitimate and acknowledged national chairman.

Comrade Olu Omotoso, the party’s national publicity secretary, responded to a newspaper article that claimed the Federal High Court in Abuja had declared Udeze the party’s national chairman by stating that the only officially recognized national chairman of the AA is Omoaje.

The newspaper’s publishing was deceptive, sending the wrong message to the public and leading to discord inside the party, according to a statement released by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Olu Omotoso.

He cited the fact that all pertinent parties, including the INEC, security services, and other government agencies, have since accorded appropriate and essential recognition to Dr. Adekunle Rufai Omoaje, who was declared the sole recognized chairman of the party by the Court of Appeal.

According to him, Udeze was suspended and then expelled from the party, and multiple courts with the authority to uphold such decisions have supported the party’s stance.

He voiced his astonishment at the Federal High Court’s apparent inability to reverse the decision of the Abuja division of the Court of Appeal, which had previously determined that Dr. Omoaje is the legitimate national chairman of the Action Alliance.

The person responsible for promoting the party’s image characterized the assertion that the leadership dispute was resolved by the Federal High Court’s decision as an exaggeration, stating that the matter at hand did not pertain to a leadership crisis.

The report was full of falsehoods and fallacies, and he pointed out that the newspaper had sponsored it to make the sponsor’s interest seem good.

It is well-known that the leadership dispute has been resolved by the Appeal Court, contrary to the newspaper’s assertion. The news writer’s take on the situation was totally missing the mark. The judgment was completely distorted.

The journalist falsely said that Kenneth Udeze had been declared the legitimate Chairman of Action Alliance by the FCT High Court. He wanted to know if the FCT High Court could reverse the rulings made by the Court of Appeal twice

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