Prime Minister Bola Tinubu was alerted by INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church head Primate Elijah Ayodele on Monday that the value of a dollar would be equivalent to N1,700 and that a bag of rice would be sold for N90,000.

According to him, Tinubu needs to brace himself for an economic catastrophe if the current state of affairs in the country is not resolved soon.

Primate Ayodele warned the president that the Nigerian economy will be out of kilter till 2026 in a statement that was signed by his media adviser, Osho Oluwatosin.

He suggested that in order to alleviate the plight of Nigerians, the government should institute security measures, drastically reduce the prices of food items, ensure sufficient electricity, and promote domestic products.

According to the prophet, the government’s current policies will cause inflation rather than alleviate the country’s problems.

“The economy will not balance till 2026 if Tinubu’s government doesn’t do the needful,” Ayodele claims.

It is imperative that they establish safety measures, lower food commodity costs, ensure sufficient electricity, and promote domestic goods. The currency will plummet and the government will benefit from this.

It will all only lead to inflation, and none of these measures will succeed. A bag of rice would cost N90,000 and the economy will collapse if they do not do the right thing. The dollar will purchase N1,700 in Nigeria. The problem will not be improved by their lack of ideas.

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