The Nigerian government must act quickly to alleviate the economic crisis, according to the organized labor in Taraba State.

At Tuesday’s demonstration, workers were represented by Peter Jediel, the state head of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

The chairman emphasized the nonviolent aspect of their activity, saying that “enough is enough,” and condemned any attempt to undermine their cause by violence.
Labor claims that the shortcomings in policymaking and its subsequent negative impacts on employees and the country are at the heart of the complaints.

They are demanding that the agreements that were previously made with the workers be promptly put into action.

The demonstrators have issued a stark ultimatum, stating that the government must act immediately to avert dire economic consequences if their demands are not met by March 2.

They warned employees to be ready for things to go worse.

The labor leaders expressed their dissatisfaction with fruitless discussions and their need for more immediate action through the call for readiness.

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