Regardless of their political affiliations, the South East Governors are cooperating to accomplish regional integration, according to Abia State Governor Alex Otti.

This was said by Governor Otti on Friday during a meeting with a group of people led by Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe, the Obi of Onitsha, and representing the South East Council of Traditional Rulers and the Igbo Archbishops and Bishops.

He reiterated that the governors’ focus on matters of public safety is unwavering, saying that progress is impossible in a climate of fear.

The South East Governors have maintained their meetings to address challenges impacting the region, with Governor Otti stating that governance is the top priority.

The South East Governors, he told the Igbo leaders, have been getting together to discuss the zone’s concerns, regardless of which party they belong to.

We need to address security as a region, if not as a nation, regardless of how you slice it. Low income and unemployment contribute significantly to the spread of insecurity. Additionally, it provides food for bandits, and Otti emphasized the importance of doing all possible to provide employment opportunities for our people.

The Governor revealed that developing Aba was one of his plans after saying he had a clear idea of what to do as governor. If Aba is developed, the entire Southeast region can be developed, he claims.

The 141 Megawatt Geometric Power Plant in Aba will be commissioned next Monday to provide uninterrupted power supply to Aba and its environs, covering about nine LGAs, according to Dr. Otti, who disclosed that power supply is the major enabler required to spur development in Aba and the entire Southeast region.

Earlier, Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe, the head of the delegation, stated that the organization’s primary goal since its inception three years ago is to promote reconciliation and peace in the South East. He went on to say that development cannot occur in the absence of peace.

Igwe Achebe revealed that the group conducted virtual meetings with several governors in the area.

He complimented the governor for using state resources to create it and said the organization is dedicated to promoting Ndi Igbo’s peace, mutual respect, love, and well-being.

He emphasized the need of Ndi Igbo constructing a nation within a nation for economic growth and urged other South East Governors to unite in order to integrate the SouthEast region.

Igwe Lawrence Agubuzu, chair of the South East Traditional Rulers Council, and Professor Pat Utomi were among the other members of the Joint Body present during the visit.

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