The fire that broke out on Sunday at the Sokoto Network center of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has been put out, according to the organization’s management.

On Sunday night, NTA made the announcement using its official X Twitter.

Staff and firefighters worked together to extinguish the fire, as reported by NTA.

The television station had earlier declared that a fire had burned portions of its operating facilities at the Sokoto Network Centre; this update arrives hours after that announcement.

According to the report, high voltage electricity could have been the source of the incident.

Although the studio and other important operational parts of the station were unaffected by the fire, the statement did reveal that this.

Staff and firefighters worked together to extinguish the fire that had consumed a portion of the operating structure housing the NTA Sokoto network center.

The three-hour fire is out and has not spread to the studio or any of the other sensitive places where operations take place.

Engineers are looking into the possibility that excessive voltage sparked the incident.

“Thank goodness the OB Van, along with all of the equipment and office furniture, were rescued from the fire,” it announced.

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