After a week of separatist rebels known as Ambazonia militants occupying the Belegete bordering village next to Cameroon, there are signs that Nigerian military are unable to traverse the challenging terrain of Belegete in order to rescue Nigerians who have been raped, maimed, dead, or abducted.

Reports indicate that the troops have opted to spend the next two days camped out at the adjacent Obudu Mountain Resort.

Rumor has it that the military is considering deploying parachutes from helicopters to drop troops on the enemy.

Peter Akpanke, a lawmaker from the Obanliku/Bekwarra/Obudu Federal Constituency, has spoken out against the lengthy wait for a response from his constituents.

“On December 5, 2023, 5h4 Ambazonia insurgents abducted Chief Francis Ogweshi, leader of the Belegete tribe, along with 30 other natives. The rebels had kept the entire community for more than 24 hours without assistance from the Nigerian government.

He is upset that his guys were brutally attacked and killed without the involvement of federal security forces.

Also in a statement, he spoke out against the impunity with which his community’s rogue armed separatists have been occupying the land.

The act, which Akpanke called “horific,” has “left him in bitterness, sadness, and disappointment,” according to him.

To rescue his people, he has begged the federal government to step in right away.

“I urge the Federal Government of Nigeria to promptly intervene by directing the appropriate security agencies to establish checkpoints across the border communities in order to prevent further harm to the peaceful Belegete community.”

“I am here today with a heavy heart, full of deep wrath, bitterness, grief, and disappointment,” Akpanke stated.

Suspected Ambazonian militants from the Republic of Cameroon brutally attacked our peaceful community of Belegete on December 5, 2023.

Gun violence, physical abuse, and the destruction of properties worth millions of Naira were inflicted upon our people by these savages while they held them captive for more than 24 hours.

Ambazonians, a group of armed separatists from the Republic of the Cameroons, assaulted the tranquil town of Belegete not long ago, and as some of you may know, my parents, siblings, and children of Belegete descent lived through the worst day of our lives.

“The Belegete community is a border village in the hinterland of the Obudu Mountain Resort in Nigeria. It is located on the Obanliku plateau, which separates Nigeria and Cameroon.”

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