According to social critic Reno Omokri, if Nigeria were to have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more nations, the country’s number of single women would skyrocket.

He said this was because of the “Industrial Money Obtainer culture” prevalent among Nigerian women, particularly in the south.

His reasoning was that “their women tend to be easier to relate with than many Southern Nigerian women,” therefore he wasn’t shocked that gospel star Moses Bliss wed a Ghanaian woman.

Saturday, Omokri wrote on X, “when Southern Nigerian men travel within Africa and outside Africa and encounter beautiful women who are not money conscious, they quickly lose their appetite for Nigerian women.”

“Nigerian men are considered a catch by South African and Kenyan women,” he asserted.

We must immediately initiate a cultural shift among our female population,” he continued. Most notably in the south of the country.

Relationships in Southern Nigeria have become overly commercialized. Even though I’ve been all over the world, nowhere have I seen romance so commercialized as in Southern Nigeria. Well, I’ll tell it like it is!

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