The Rivers State Police Command has verified the arrest of Pillar, a pastor of the Gracious Covenant Church, for allegedly defiling and impregnating a 15-year-old girl in the Ndele community of the state’s Emohua Local Government Area.

Pillar’s arrest was the result of a complaint filed by the victim’s in-law, Amesi ThankGod, who stated that the minor and her mother were members of the pastor’s congregation.

He added that the minor generally goes to church to relax while her mother goes to the farm, but that as time passed, the minor began to act suspiciously.

“If her mother goes to the farm, the girl normally goes to the church to relax and returns in the evening,” ThankGod stated. However, the girl began vomiting in the previous two days. My wife, the victim’s elder sister, took her for a medical exam, and the results revealed that she is pregnant.”

Following the finding, ThankGod stated that his wife took her sister to Pillar to confront him with the allegation, adding that he accepted responsibility for the pregnancy and allegedly begged the girl’s sister to enable him to terminate the pregnancy, but the family resisted.

“But he (pastor) said they should give her some drugs to flush the pregnancy so that the girl will be free,” God stated. But if we let it, the girl may die, and we will be held responsible.”

He stated that the incident was reported to a vigilance organization, which turned over the culprit to the Rumuji Police Division.

When contacted for comment, Grace Iringe-Koko, the state Police Public Relations Officer, stated,

“We are aware of the incident, yes.” The culprit was apprehended, and the inquiry is still ongoing.”

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