Yobe State University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Mala Mohammed Daura, has assured parents and guardians that their children are safe at the university following a recent fire at the new female dormitories.

While updating reporters on Friday of the university’s status following the fire that destroyed the new female hostel—which housed around 195 students—Daura made this comment.

He assured the students that the university administration is doing everything it can to help them recover from the tragedy through its committee.

The committee’s daily reports to the Vice Chancellor’s office addressing the issue and the impacted students were praised by the Professor for their candor.

Our hope is that the students will soon find permanent housing somewhere, as the current location is not suitable for that purpose.

“We decided to go ahead and make a proposal to the state government to finish the construction of that building since we have one that is still unfinished,” Daura explained.

Various institutions, including government, NGOs, investment firms, ministries, state and national assemblies, corporate groups, and individuals, have provided support to the university, as revealed by the Vice-Chancellor.

According to him, the impacted students have received more than a thousand notebooks and writing supplies from the university administration.

In addition to the food, the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) has supplied the seasonings and culinary items that the management will use three times daily.

Daura thanked the state fire department, security officers, and community members for their help before, during, and after the tragedy.

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