A wedding celebration that was actually an underground drug gathering was seized by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

The arrest of the groom and twenty-five others was confirmed by Sunday’s Facebook post by Director of Media and Advocacy Femi Babafemi.

This Sunday, when #ndlea_nigeria disrupted another drug party that was being held as a wedding reception, let us pray against the demon of drugs that is afflicting our kids. An individual and twenty-five others were apprehended,” he stated in his writing.

Seizing the huge cartels’ cocaine shipments hours before their arrest reportedly cost them a lot of money, according to the statement.

The seizure of the main cartels’ cocaine consignments hours ago caused them to suffer huge loss as well, according to the statement.

As investigations continue, all of the persons, including the groom, who were arrested, are currently being held in custody.

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