A total of 441 cadets have officially matriculated into the 75th regular term at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Kaduna.

The cadets took an oath to formally join their designated academic programs.

Major General John Ochai, the Academy’s commandant, said that just 441 cadets—one of whom was from The Gambia—were admitted out of 30,000 applicants.

According to his breakdown, there are 138 cadets majoring in the arts and social sciences, 118 in the sciences, 37 in the engineering and technology departments, 55 in the management sciences, and 91 in the military science and interdisciplinary studies departments.

The commandant highlighted that the cadets’ training at the academy was to prepare them for professional performance of constitutional obligations and national defense, and he urged the cadets to maintain discipline throughout their time there.

In addition to highlighting the Academy’s development and attributing it to an emphasis on intellectualism and innovation, he stressed the critical importance of following the basic regulations and policies that govern their training at the institution.

According to Ochai, the Academy has grown from its original two faculties and six departments to its current five faculties and twenty-three departments.

This school is dedicated to academic quality and intellectual interchange, and its collaborations with prestigious institutions around the world are proof of that.

In addition to praising the academy’s evolution into a world-renowned military school, Ochai reaffirmed the continued endeavors to bring it into conformity with international norms in conformity with constitutional requirements.

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