The Grand Procession of the Lord Mayor’s Show took place on the streets of London, and for the first time in 805 years, Africans were included in this spectacular exhibition of cultural splendor and worldwide friendliness. The grandiose parade served to inaugurate Michael Mainelli as the new Lord Mayor of the city.

Strategically encouraging international communication, the procession invited representatives from China, Italy, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Nigeria’s Lagos State to join it. Governor Babajide SanwoOlu of Lagos State led the combined state and EnterpriseNGR delegation, with Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, Chairman of EnterpriseNGR and Coronation Group Limited, serving as co-chair.

Africa’s foremost investment management firm, Coronation Group, proudly took center stage as lead sponsors, demonstrating its dedication to sustaining venues that facilitate cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

Coronation Asset Management’s Managing Director and FMAN President Aigbovbioise Aig-Imoukhuede marched with the rest of the crowd. He said, “Coronation Group is honoured to be woven within a rich tapestry of cultures that reflect centuries of joint work to establish commerce, communities, and charity. Our partnership with Lagos State and EnterpriseNGR allows us to proudly display the intellectual depth, passion, ambition, and enterprise strength that characterize Nigerian culture.

The two-mile-long extravaganza known as the Grand Procession was split into an outward journey to the Royal Courts of Justice, an intermission, and a return journey to Mansion House. More than two thousand members of the livery companies that form the backbone of London’s financial district marched in this year’s parade to honor their professions and the values they uphold.

With their trademark Eyo masks, compelling afrobeats music, and a parade float highlighting Lagos’s groundbreaking progress in the transportation sector, the team from Lagos captivated Londoners and made headlines. The parade float was a tribute to these achievements, using a combination of the Lagos Blue Line, ‘Danfo’ buses, ‘Kekes,’ and well-known landmarks like the Lekki bridge.

In a magnificent continuation of celebrations, the Visiting Cities’ Banquet, organized by the City of Zurich, Switzerland, unfurled after the march. The strategic importance of towns like Lagos to the City of London was celebrated during a dinner in the Swiss livery tradition, when new friendships were forged. In the spirit of commerce, kindness, and diplomacy, the evening’s toasts and rituals confirmed permanent relationships.

Lord Mayor Michael Mainelli, in keeping with the evening’s theme, spoke about the need of establishing international alliances throughout the banquet. Our dedication to building lasting international relationships is exemplified by the Lord Mayor’s Show. The route to our common success begins now, as we celebrate our differences and work together to create a brighter tomorrow, as the Lord Mayor put it.

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