At least 20 teams have booked their spots at next year’s European Championship.

On Monday night, Italy qualified following a gritty 0-0 with Ukraine in their final Group C encounter.

The defending champions came in second place, behind England, but the Ukrainians still have a shot of making it to the finals through the playoffs.

On Tuesday night, either Croatia or Wales will join them.

Three spots will remain, and those will be filled through playoffs.

Europe’s Cup 2024 Eligible Countries

Host nation Germany
France, winners of the B Group.
The victor of Group F, Belgium.
The victor of Group J, Portugal.
Group A’s victor: Spain
Scotland finished second in Group A.
Turkey (Section D)
Second place in Group F: Austria.

Winner of Group G: Hungary
Second place in Group J: Slovakia.
Winner of Group E: Albania
Winner of Group H: Denmark
In Group B, the Netherlands
Group I’s Romania
The Swiss (First Group)
Serbia finished second in Group G.
(Runner-up in Group E) Czech Republic
Second place in Group C: Italy.
Slovenia finished second in Group H.

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