Under Umar Damagum’s leadership, the National Working Committee will neither suspend or fire any “disloyal” member, according to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Acting Chairman.

Several PDP members had previously urged Damagum to punish former Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike and others for what they claimed were anti-party actions in the recently held general election.

It was reported by Damagum, who addressed the PDP Mobilizers Group in Abuja, that the NWC had approved the establishment of a committee to investigate and bring together all members who felt wronged.

Instead of punishing anyone they claim is anti-party, which might lead to the party’s demise, the chairman claimed the party is focused on reconciliation and recruiting new members.

They are constantly trying to convince you that these individuals aren’t acting ethically, he added. But there are regulations that you have to follow when you’re in charge, and even though they itch, you don’t follow them—not because you care, but so you don’t ruin the house.

The agitations inside our platforms, claiming the NWC was not doing this or that, have been noticeable to me. I would like to take this chance to explain.

“Someone once said that when you don’t know much about something but insist on talking about your ideas anyhow, it will always hurt other people’s sensibilities to understand you.”

In addition to calling the loss in the 2023 presidential election the “most painful,” Damagum warned party members not to play the blame game.

“I am proud to say that I started this party as a driver,” he declared. Thanks be to God, I am now serving as acting national chairman. I never anticipated being bestowed this distinction. This is the greatest political party in the nation, and I have faith in it.

An election review and reconciliation committee for 2023 has already been established and approved by the NWC. They are going to look into it. The authority to establish subcommittees will be delegated to them. Having said that, a single national committee will examine the elections of 2023 in addition to those of 2015–2019. This will allow us to meet and make decisions when they bring the reports in at the end of the day.

“If I said we should start suspension, I will end up suspending many people because they were involved in anti-party activities,” Damagum stated, after admitting that many members were involved in anti-party activities at different levels. Kindly be patient with us. We will ensure that this gathering remains cohesive and well-managed. My order is this.

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