Protesting the recent nullification of Abba Kabir Yusuf’s election by the Court of Appeal, hundreds of women marched to the Kano State Police Command.

Women held signs in support of Mr. Yusuf and sung songs of protest against what they saw as the appellate court’s injustice to the people of Kano State.

Protesters marched from the Miller Road home of former governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to the Bompai headquarters of the Kano State Police to deliver a letter of protest.

However, teams of police officers and workers from the Nigeria Correctional Service intercepted them on their way to the Bompai region and calmly took them to their destination.

More than a thousand women, many of them covered in red veils, descended on the headquarters of the Kano State Police Command and asked to speak with Commissioner of Police Usaini Gumel.

The posters included varied slogans such as “Our mandate must be restored,” “Injustice exposed in CTC,” and “Kano voted for Abba,” among others.

To paraphrase one of them, Zuwaira Abubakar: “The protest is not for Abba alone but for Kano State. Governor Abba was elected on March 18 and the results have been made public. He should not be stripped of his citizenship.

A second demonstrator demanded that the administration stop “interfering with the courts” and let justice be carried out.

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