With the signing of the Kaduna State Security Trust Fund Bill 2024, Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has officially established the fund.

According to a statement by Muhammad Lawal Shehu, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, the State Security Trust Fund Law No. 22, 2018, was repealed by the Bill.

As stated in the statement, the purpose of the monies is to guarantee that the state’s security services are effective.

The statement went on to say that the money will also go into psychological operations, which try to win over the public’s emotions and thoughts, and that security personnel will be taught and retrained to respond effectively to both existing and future security threats.

“The State Security Trust Fund Board of Trustees was established by law,” it stated.

Additionally, the Board is required to have the following powers: the ability to own, purchase, or acquire any property, both real and personal; the right to sue and be sued in its corporate name; and the ability to establish a common seal.

The private sector will lead the Kaduna State Security Trust Fund Law 2024, in contrast to the State Security Trust Fund Law 2018, which was abolished.

The administration of the Fund will be heavily influenced by individuals from the business world. Members of the business community will oversee the Fund’s operations in tandem with other key players in the defense industry. Furthermore, the new law is crafted to be in line with industry standards worldwide. The statement went on to say that it serves as an example for other subnationals.

According to Governor Sani, the state government’s dedication to reducing the influence of terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, and other criminal elements has been made evident through the signing into law of this significant bill. Additionally, Governor Sani mentioned that the Security Trust Fund will allow the state government to provide equipment and logistics support to local and federal security agencies.

“We must join hands to uproot the evil elements destroying our local economies and the livelihoods of our people,” Sani reportedly stated, making a passionate plea to corporate organizations and public spirited individuals to donate generously to the Fund. He added that security is everyone’s business.

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