On Saturday, Nze Chikwem Esiaga, a former lawmaker from Abia State, fought against the proposal to create a state police force in Nigeria.

In an effort to address the ongoing security problem, the federal and state governments are contemplating the creation of state police.

This action was taken in response to the recent upsurge in criminal activity in the country, particularly among daredevil bandits.

Instead, Esiaga stated his opinion on Saturday morning and suggested that all federating states form police departments under the authority of locally elected council chairmen.

The former senator was adamant that state governors would use the police force as a weapon to persecute anyone they saw as opposing their harsh programs and policies.

He claimed, in part, that the allocations will remain unaccounted for till INEC conducts LGA elections nationwide.

These governors who have become emperors of their own states will ensure that the third branch of government is unable to carry out its duties.

This high degree of instability and economic anarchy in Nigeria will persist until we rectify the problem at the LGA level.

These snakes don’t pay attention to the security votes and LG allocations they take from the center, and Shiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, like a tree, can’t grow a forest when these people are around.

The calls for a state police force make me think of the State Independent Electoral Commission, which is where we’re headed.

“The best course of action is for the LG police to report directly to the duly elected council chairmen; otherwise, governors will revert to the use of state police against their perceived political opponents, just like in the 1st republic.”

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