In order to better respond to fires and other crises in the nation’s capital during the holiday season, the Federal Capital Territory Fire Service has reportedly improved its operational capabilities.

In an interview with NAN on Wednesday in Abuja, the spokesman of the service, Ibrahim Tauheed, made this known.

Every year around this time of year, the service takes extra precautions to ensure that no one in Abuja or anywhere else gets burned while celebrating the Yuletide season with barbecues, cooking, and fireworks.

The correct usage of fireworks, safe culinary practices, and public awareness initiatives during holiday seasons are typically responsible for this, he said, adding that safeguards should also be taken.

Additionally, the spokeswoman mentioned that the agency has increased its patrols and inspections of residential areas to guarantee adherence to fire safety laws.

During the Christmas season, we pay close attention to locations where fireworks displays and outdoor cooking are common practices. Aside from that, we visit neighborhoods to teach people how to be safe in the event of a fire during the celebrations.

We also host community forums and seminars to teach people how to use grills, stoves, and pyrotechnics safely, Tauheed said.

According to him, in preparation for fire emergencies, the agency often enhances its emergency response plans with an emphasis on efficiency and speed.

Division Fire Officers at different stations within the territory often handled this, he added.

During busy celebration periods, the service works with other emergency services to coordinate operations, according to Tauheed.

To make sure that only licensed merchants sell pyrotechnics and that consumers follow safety requirements, he added that the enforcement team had increased surveillance and enforcement on both fronts.

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