In response to a report that claimed he is representing billionaire businessman Benedict Peters in the ongoing proceedings in the Southwark Crown Court involving Mrs. Alison-Madueke, the former Nigerian Minister of Petroleum, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Emeka Ozoani issued a disclaimer.

Ozoani indicated unequivocally that the report’s material was wrong, deceptive, and misleading in his disclaimer made accessible to reporters. He further emphasized that he did not act for or represent Benedict Peters or anybody else involved in the matter.

Ozoani explained that he was in the UK by chance and that he attended the hearings because he was interested in the high-profile case involving the former Nigerian Minister of Petroleum.

He said that he had not discussed the case or the media coverage thereof with any journalists or media members.

Ozoani is seeking the advice of English attorneys in order to respond to the defamatory article and safeguard himself from further harm.

The disclaimer, dated November 5, 2023, denied the allegation that Ozoani claimed to have flown to the UK to represent Benedict Peters, underlining that any such suggestion is untrue and nasty.

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