Initiative for Better and Greater Nigeria (IBBN) is one of many groups that have asked the federal government to solve Nigeria’s security problems by creating state police.

During a press conference in Jos on Thursday, the group’s convener, Isa El-buba, made the announcement.

In his response, El-buba cited the Christmas Eve massacres in the Plateau State settlements of Barkin-Ladi and Bokkos.

The MISMOB says that armed men stormed more than eighty-four settlements in Barkin-Ladi and Bokkos, wounding many and destroying homes and property valued in the millions of Naira.

The horrific event also forced 29,350 people to flee their homes. They have sought sanctuary in various places of worship in the cities of Bokkos and Barkin-Ladi.

The “heart-wrenching” murders were characterized by the organizer, who insisted that state police would supplement federal security measures.

Calling on the federal government to seek constitutional amendments to provide for state policing is one of our recommendations.

“This will add to the already inadequate and clearly overworked central security personnel who require more time to be sent to areas where people require immediate assistance.

“Therefore, we urge President Bola Tinubu to cancel his vacation and go back to work by submitting a thorough bill for state policing to the National Assembly.

The bold and repeated killings and injuries of innocent Nigerians in areas without government control and minimal protection will be prevented by our action, he added.

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