In response to Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s assertion that spiritual issues are at the root of Nigeria’s problems, Chief Sunny Onuesoke of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State has offered his own viewpoint.

In response to the cleric’s assertion, Onuesoke emphasized that “prayers can’t solve economic hardship” in the nation.

While speaking with a journalist from the MISMOB in Warri, Delta State, Onuesoke made the claim.
“The nation’s economic problems can only be solved by a planned system with good governance,” Onuesoke, an environmentalist, continued.

To overcome its current difficulties, Nigeria requires political answers, not prayers, he emphasized.

The leader of the PDP in Delta State has called on President Bola Tinubu to end the famine, hyperinflation, and poverty plaguing Nigeria.

Following Malcom Omirhobo’s opposition to the clergyman on the same topic, Onuesoke reacts.

According to the lawyer, political leaders like Tinubu and the governors were chosen to improve Nigeria, not to beg for answers.

“Governors and Tinubu have a responsibility to improve Nigeria; they should not use prayer as an alternative to effective leadership.”

Omirhobo warned Adeboye against deceiving the public by blaming supernatural forces for Nigeria’s problems.

If prayers were the answer, he said, then Adeboye’s fasting and prayers had already fixed the country’s problems.

“Political shortcomings, not spiritual limitations, are at the heart of our nation’s issues. Instead of looking to prayers as a solution, the lawyer argued that people should face reality and demand responsible leadership.

You may remember that Adeboye, when being hosted by Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State on Sunday, had called on Nigerians to pray and fast in order to solve the country’s economic problems.

A growing realization has dawned on us that the issue confronting our country goes beyond purely political considerations, he declared. Some spiritual guidance is necessary for us to resolve our issues.

Then we learned that when issues are too big for humans to handle, you pray to God. Because of His limitless problem-solving abilities, we refer to Him as Almighty.

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